Frequently Asked Questions

What is No Kidding! Washington DC?

No Kidding! DC is metropolitan DC's chapter of No Kidding!, a non-profit social club for childfree adult couples and singles. No Kidding! DC is one chapter among many worldwide. No Kidding!, our parent organization, was founded in 1984 by Jerry Steinberg in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

What does childfree mean?

Childfree people are not parents and most have no desire to be parents. Each person has his/her own reasons for making this choice. People who are childfree do not necessarily dislike children. Some of us adore children but prefer not to have our own. Others dislike them. You will probably meet people from both extremes and many from in between, at our activities.

Who can join No Kidding! DC?

Membership is open to any adult who has never parented, regardless of gender, age, color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or marital status.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee to join No Kidding! DC. Events are pay-as-you-go. Each person is responsible for paying for his/her meals and entertainment.

My spouse/partner has children from a previous marriage. Can I join?

You, the non-parent, can join No Kidding! DC and your partner can come as your guest.

My kids do not live with me. Can I become a member?

Sorry, no. "Childfree" means you have never parented.

Is No Kidding! DC a singles group?

Although some of our members are single, we are not a singles group. Childfree couples and singles are welcome at our events.

When is your next event?

View our upcoming events.

How can I sign up to receive e-mail announcements of your events?

Join our Yahoo Group.

What kind of events do you have?

Past/scheduled events have included restaurant visits, museum visits, festivals, a walk through a corn maze, hiking, a picnic, tea and snacks at a tea house, halloween party, ice skating, scavenger hunt, wine tasting, an "afternoon of animation", and movies. We have great ideas for future events and would love your ideas too, so please join us.

Are your events Metro accessible?

Many of our events are Metro accessible. We vary our event locations throughout DC, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia, and attempt to make most of our events accessible by public transportation.